DSL Aggregation Router Reload

Tonight, Tuesday November 29 at 12:01 AM, we will be performing a maintenance reload on several legacy DSL aggregation routers that serve some of our customers in the Bay Area and Los Angeles areas. Affected customers will experience 5-10 minutes of downtime as the routers reboot.


Update: The maintenance reloads have been completed and all affected customers should be back online.

5 comments for “DSL Aggregation Router Reload

  1. Internet went down earlier this afternoon, but router seems to be having trouble reconnecting to Sonic still after this update. Should I be worried. Using cellular to relay this message.

  2. We just received confirmation that there is an AT&T outage in your area. Fortunately unrelated to the router reload but unfortunately we do not yet have an ETR.

  3. I’m so glad it’s not just me, thank you for the update! It’s really refreshing to actually be responded to, unlike other ISPs. So glad I switched.

  4. In SF I see slow service (2MB/s vs 8MB/s)and ping times of >1200 msec after reset of ZTE modem.
    Before reset it was 0.8MB/s up and down, also 1200 msec ping time…

  5. And things seem back to normal …

    Download Speed: 8609 kbps (1076.1 KB/sec transfer rate)
    Upload Speed: 1035 kbps (129.4 KB/sec transfer rate)
    Latency: 54 ms
    Tue Nov 29 2011 23:20:30 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

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