Fusion and FlexLink Long Distance Issue

We have identified an issue affecting a number of long distance and toll-free phone calls through our network this morning. Users would have noticed delayed ringing or busy signals on affected calls. We have routed around the affected trunks and calls should be completing normally now.

-Brian and the NOC

4 comments for “Fusion and FlexLink Long Distance Issue

  1. Here in Daly City, we still can’t complete long-distance calls. When I try, I hear one ring, then silence. The person I tried to call just called me and said that it rings on her end and when she picks it up to answer, she can’t hear anyone on my end. This was true as of 5 minutes ago.

  2. I need to call Peru in south america from my sonic phone service. I get the ‘this call is not supported by your current plan’ recording. How do I change plans so I can call?

  3. Hello!

    If you need assistance with your phone services please give our Support Team a call at 1-855-394-0100 8am-10pm 7 days a week.

    Best Wishes!

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