Fusion Voice Outage

Update:(7:25AM): Fiber splicers worked thru the night to complete repair of the damaged cable.  All inbound calling issues caused by this outage should be resolved. Please contact support if you continue to experience any problems.

Update: (9:15PM): Fiber splicers are on site excavating the damaged cable. We do not yet have an ETR as the extent of damage is yet to be fully determined.

Update: (6:24PM): This outage was caused by a fiber cut in one of our upstream voice providers’ network. This outage is affecting some dial-up, Fusion, and FlexLink calls. We will continue to provide updates as they become available.

Update: (6:15PM): We also believe that some dial-up users may be having issues with that service as well. We are still investigating the voice problems.

We are receiving reports of some Fusion users having trouble with calls inbound to their lines. We are investigating these reports with our upstream provider and will update this message when we have more information.


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  1. RE: I assume that Sonic.net is aware that Fusion internet service in the Walnut Creek/Lafayette area has varied from nonexistent to virtually non-existent for most of Thursday, August 28. This is in addition to previously noted voice problems (inbound calls from some area codes, including 415, receiving “not in service” message; extensive static heard by callers on all calls; and the like).

  2. I’m also experiencing a Fusion voice service problem in San Francisco. My internet seems to be functioning fine. But since at least yesterday I have a dial tone but incoming or outgoing calling results in a fast busy signal. Called Sonic and the tech has no idea what the problem is and after exhausting his ideas has set up a call for AT&T techs to check the wiring. How can this be wiring with conditions noted above?

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