Fusion/FlexLink Outage – San Jose Area

Update (12:58PM): A temporary workaround for customers served out of the San Jose CO affected has been implemented. Service should be restored for these customers at htis time.

Update (8:30AM): Att has a construction crew and splicers on site. Still no ETR given.

Update(9:30PM): Att has confirmed a fiber cut and are working towards a resolution. No ETR has been given yet.

Update (8:15PM): This appears to be a fairly substantial fiber cut in the San Jose area. I don’t have definitive confirmation from At&t at this point but all signs are pointing towards this. No ETR yet.

A portion of our customers are currently offline in the San Jose area. We are investigating the issue and will update this post once we know more.

– Robbie

3 comments for “Fusion/FlexLink Outage – San Jose Area

  1. This is of major impact … it seems to not only affect telco/dsl residential customers, but I suspect it may have affected at least one, or some, cellular sites.
    I am a Sonic Fusion DSL customer (not a direct customer of AT+T) so could you please try to get some more information/details from AT+T for us?
    Thanks! Larry

  2. Yes please, more updates. This is the longest outage I have had as a Sonic DSL customer since I subscribed in 2001.

  3. After the workaround that Robbie alluded to was announced, I found that our telephone line, as far as being able to receive inbound calls, thankfully was working once again.

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