Fusion/FlexLink Intrusive Maintenance

Update(12:45AM): This maintenance is now complete.

Update: This has been postponed until tomorrow night, April 14th.

Beginning tonight at midnight I will be performing intrusive maintenance on equipment serving Fusion and FlexLink customers in the east bay area. Expected downtime is around 20 minutes.

– Robbie

3 comments for “Fusion/FlexLink Intrusive Maintenance

  1. Whatever happened during this maintenance, our firewall went down at 12:20 AM PST and still hasn’t come back up.

    Can’t get ahold of anyone as support isn’t available until 6am PST…

  2. Chris

    Sorry to hear about your issue. We postponed maintenance for the evening of the 13th to tonight. Also, the equipment we will be working on will not affect ATT opteman fiber customers. Your service entitles you to 24/7 support from our NOC. If you don’t have the phone number, please contact your account executive so we can assist you.

    Thank you

  3. I am in the Richmond district, SF – not at all where you’ve been working, but for the last few nights I’ve been losing connectivity. Not for long, maybe 3-10 mins, but more than once per night between 0000 and 0330 hours roughly. Phone and computer, so not likely to be device related. Doesn’t happen during the day, so not the router or the line. Is this what you are working on every night or should we pursue some other avenue?

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