Legacy DSL Outage – Chico area

Update(7:30AM): Customers affected by this outage should now be back online.

Update(12:10AM): Unfortunately this problem wasn’t as isolated as previously thought and another technician is being dispatched out to clear more equipment. More info once I receive it.

Update(8:30PM): Our provider is still working with their vendor to resolve this issue. It has been heavily escalated at this point and we are getting updates as quickly as we can.

Update (10:55AM): Our provider indicates that they have isolated the problem and will be dispatching a technician to perform the repair. No ETR given quite yet.

Update (7:25AM): We are still working with our transit provider for this area to locate and repair the problem.

We are currently experiencing an outage affecting legacy DSL users in the Chico area. The issue is still being investigated and we will update this message once we have an ETR.

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7 comments for “Legacy DSL Outage – Chico area

  1. 16 hours down now. There should be backup systems for situations like this. Would really appreciate Fusion being available in this area.

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