Chico ATM Outage

This morning, April 8, at 5:30am, an aggregation circuit serving legacy DSL and Business T subscribers in the Chico area went down. We are currently investigating the issue.

Update(10:32am): We are working with our transport vendor to restore traffic as soon as possible. No ETA at this time

Update(4:26pm): An upstream provider has located an equipment failure and is working to replace the failed equipment. Still no ETR.

Update (4/9/2016 9:40AM): The upstream provider now has the replacement parts on site at the location of the failure, and an engineer is currently working on replacing the failed equipment. We will update as soon as we have more information.

Update (4/9/2016 1:21PM): The failed equipment has been replaced by the upstream provider, but the circuit is still down. We are continuing to work with our upstream provider to resolve this.

Update (4/9/2016 3:28PM): Our upstream provider has identified a second failure, and is actively working to replace the failed equipment. We hope to have an ETR soon.

Update (4/9/2016 6:04PM): Our upstream provider has the replacement part in transit, and the ETR is now 3AM PST.

Update (4/10/2016 5:58AM): Our upstream provider has experienced delays in transporting the replacement equipment to the failure area, and they have given us a new ETR of today at 1:00PM PST.

Update (4/10/2016 1:33PM): The replacement equipment is now on site, and technicians are currently working on installing it.

Update (4/10/2016 3:45PM): The equipment has been replaced, but the issue persists. Our transit provider is continuing to troubleshoot the cause of the outage. There is no ETR at this point.

Update (4/10/2016 6:35PM): The upstream provider has identified and resolved multiple equipment failures in their network causing this outage.  All services were restored as of 6:00PM PST.

-Tomoc and Michael

6 comments for “Chico ATM Outage

  1. Outage in Redding/Shasta area. Please keep us posted with any news about this.

  2. It is now Saturday (April 9) at 8:53sm.

    No news on this since yesterday (16 hours ago)???


    This is KILLING my online business and an ENORMOUS disruption to many people.

  3. Sonic Support posted:

    Update (4/9/2016 3:28PM): Our upstream provider has identified a second failure, and is actively working to replace the failed equipment. We hope to have an ETR soon.


    Now, an hour later, please define “soon” – the circuits are still DOWN.

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