San Francisco – Fusion Fiber Outage

A small group of people in the San Francisco area may be experiencing a loss of internet connectivity after last nights maintenance.  We are working with our dispatch and tech support teams to get the affected customers fixed as soon as we can. The cause of the outage is unknown at this time as we are also working with our vendor for insight into the issue.


Update 10:48am: The outage is affecting a greater number of customers.  We are working aggressively with our vendor.  We will update when more information is available.

Update 2:46pm We have repaired the majority of the fiber customers impacted by the outage.  Additional affected customers have been identified and we will be reaching out to schedule replacent of the failed ONTs onsite.  The cause of outage was narrowed down to the combination of a previously unidentified software defect in the ONT, and an unlikely load issue upstream (that has been remedied).

11 comments for “San Francisco – Fusion Fiber Outage

  1. My internet down since last night. it’s still not back up yet. What is happening to Sonic. It’s time to switch to Comcast.

  2. Hello Larry,

    I am sorry to hear about your internet connection going down. Have you reached out to Support to troubleshoot? They can be reached via phone at 888.766.4233, via SMS at 707-800-4624 and via email at

  3. Any idea when it will be fixed? I texted and did not get a response. I called and was on hold for more than 25 minutes before I gave up…

  4. No ETA yet but we’re actively working with our Vendor to facilitate a resolution. Clearing this outage is our highest priority.

  5. Hello Jack,

    The outage has mostly been cleared but there are some customers still down. We’re reaching out to those customers directly to troubleshoot and get them back up and running.

  6. My internet is still down and dispatcher tells me it’d require an appointment + hardware swap? What is the case for these rare customers such as myself compared to the customers that got their services fixed remotely?

  7. Hello Curtis,

    There was an issue with the maintenance update to the ONTs. We were able to successfully revert most of the affected ONTs back to their previous state, however some of them had unfortunately already failed. Those units need to be replaced.

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