Small Outage in San Francisco

As of 6:50 PM on 10/21, a small subset of Fiber customers in San Francisco are down. Our engineering team is working to restore connectivity as quickly as possible and will update as more details become available. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Update(6:51AM): Crews have identified cable damage and have determined that replacing the cable will be required. Unfortunately, this will require taking additional subscribers offline for a portion of the repair. This MOTD will be updated when we have expected downtime for those subscribers, as well as an ETR for those currently affected.


Update(9:02AM)Work has begun on repair. With the removal and replacement of damaged cabling we hope to have the first round of repairs done by 3pm

Update(1:21PM) New estimated time of repair is 4pm.

Update(4:14pm) Repairs have been completed. If you are still experiencing any issues please contact Support.

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