Sacramento Area – Fusion and legacy DSL outage

Update(2:11pm): The second replacement card has resolved the issue. All service restored.

Update(1:55pm): The replacement card has failed to boot, so another replacement was located and is being installed. New ETR of 3:00pm

Update(12:46pm): The issue has been tracked to a failed 100G card in our provider’s network. Dispatch for replacement has been made and we have an ETR of 1:30pm

Update(10:53am): Further investigation has narrowed the problem down to an equipment failure in our transport provider’s network. We are working with them to restore service as quickly as possible but don’t have an ETR as of yet. We would also like to take this opportunity to update the scope of the outage, which we have determined affected Fusion and FlexLink services in the Sacramento area, as well as Legacy DSL subscribers in the Sacramento and Stockton areas.

At 8:05AM this morning, a hardware serving a backbone link to Sacramento failed.  We are currently assessing the situation, but presently believe connectivity is impacted to Sonic Fusion and legacy DSL customers in the Sacramento area.  We will update with an ETR when it is available.

-Network Engineering

11 comments for “Sacramento Area – Fusion and legacy DSL outage

  1. Hello Urias,

    Yes this outage would most likely impact you. We’re working to get an ETR as quickly as possible. I’m sorry for any issues this may be causing.

  2. As a note to my previous comment.

    For the past week or so my dsl service will hang for about 30-60 seconds and then service is restored.
    ADSL on modem is lit and phone service is still operational.
    Just a note. Maybe the Hardware has been a bit marginal and finally gave up the ghost. Hope that is the case.


  3. Yeah! Thanks guys! This is the first major outage for Dslextreme/sonic Fusion in a long while. Thank you!

  4. 2150 and it looks like we are having some issues. Speed test can not find local servers and speed is very slow.
    Out of the box after the fix things were good.

  5. This AM, 0900, speed very sparatic…. 10 down, then .5.. uggg.
    Can not even find a server except someplace not even in this country. Then test again and it comes up with a local server.

  6. Sorry about the service issues. Please reach out to support to troubleshoot, they should be able to get your issue resolved!

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