Extended validation certificate sunset.

Due to waning support from web browsers, we will be replacing our EV (extended validation) certificates for our customer facing websites with standard DV (domain validation) certificates. This will occur over the next six months, during certificate renewal. In most cases this change will not be noticeable. If you are using a browser that supports displaying a green bar along with the company name on EV secured sites, do not be alarmed when one of the following domains no longer displays such a bar in the future:

  • webmail-beta.sonic.net
  • webmail.sonic.net
  • members.sonic.net
  • fax.sonic.net
  • forums.sonic.net
  • signup.sonic.net
  • sonic.com
  • ovpn.sonic.net
  • legacy-webmail.sonic.net

The new certificates will provide the same level of security as the old ones.


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