San Francisco Area – Fusion Fiber Outage

UPDATE (12/13/20 – 8:45pm) Repairs to our fiber infrastructure have been completed and service is now restored.

UPDATE (12/13/20 – 5:14pm) Our technicians are still working as fast as possible to resolve the fiber outage.

UPDATE (12/13/20 – 2:04pm) Our technicians have arrived on site and are working to repair damage to our fiber infrastructure.

UPDATE (12/13/20 – 9:40am) Our technician has identified the possible location of the issue and we are working with our engineering team to get this resolved quickly.

UPDATE (12/13/20 – 7:43am): A Technician is en route. ETA 8:15am.

UPDATE (12/12/20 – 10:08pm): We are still working to get service restored and will be sending out a dispatch tomorrow morning.


We are aware of a Fusion Fiber outage affecting some of our San Francisco Bay Area customers. We are working to restore service as soon as possible but do not currently have an ETR.  More updates to come shortly.


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  1. Wow. So your team is *not* “still working to get service restored” as stated above? Very disappointing.

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