Berkeley and SF Sunset – Emergency Fusion Fiber Maintenance

Update 3:57AM: All work has been completed for the night and any impacted customers restored.

Tonight at 11:59 we will be performing emergency maintenance impacting a subset of Berkley and SF Sunset Fusion Fiber customers.  Expected customer downtime is 30-60 minutes and the maintenance window is 4 hours.  An update will be provided when all work has been completed.

-Network Engineering

2 comments for “Berkeley and SF Sunset – Emergency Fusion Fiber Maintenance

  1. Question: In your outage announcements (not just this one), when you refer to Fusion Fiber, does this include the Gigabit Fiber service (which I have)?

  2. Hello Mike,

    Our Fusion Fiber is our Gigabit Fiber. I hope this helps !

    Best Wishes!

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