Northern California Core Emergency Maintenance

Update: 12:35AM – Maintenance successfully completed.

Tonight (4/6) at 11:59PM, we will be performing maintenance on router hardware that is part of our Northern California core. We do not expect this work to cause any customer impact. The maintenance window is open until 4:00AM.

-Network Engineering

2 comments for “Northern California Core Emergency Maintenance

  1. Hello was over at 1008 Larkin 406b. Not sure if my line and internet were available tonyse…know someone no us coming out on the 9th but thought it might be available now…was interested in going with the fiberoptic, if you want to send one out with them. I’ll be here in the morning onnthen9th. By the way, not sure if someone in another sector district, or rather is living in the regular San Francisco, and using my name, but I actually am living in the rsa version, platform yerba Buena Salesforce San Francisco…thank you

  2. Hi there,
    I have checked that address, currently it is not part of our fiber network and is not currently on the planned section of the fiber rollout. Outside of our current build out which you can check your address for at we do not have any concrete plans for our Fiber expansion and are taking it one step at a time. This isn’t to say that we won’t expand to your area, just that we have not disclosed publicly if and when we will be able to. I know that this probably isn’t the answer you want to hear, but we are expanding our Gigabit Fiber to as many places as quickly as we can and hopefully we can get to your area in the near future.

    Best wishes,

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