Address qualification system maintenance

Beginning at midnight tonight we will be upgrading systems related to address qualification. During this time looking up certain addresses on may return an error. Our maintenance window for this work is one hour.

Update 12:45am: Work is complete.

4 comments for “Address qualification system maintenance

  1. Aloha, thanks for your notice about
    Beginning at midnight tonight

    Did it ever occur to anyone at Sonic in California that there are people in other time zones?
    Apparently not. So, I not very humbly suggest this:
    Beginning at 2021-04-?? at 24:00 PST (or perhaps GMT)

    I would really be happy to speak with the person who wrote this post.
    If I was in London when I received this message?
    Is that London, UK or London CA or London, Ontario or London Christmas Island
    Are you beginning to understand my dilemma?

    Do you even have a clue as to WHERE I AM right now?
    I think not because I could be in
    New York City, New York,
    Lansing, Michigan
    San Francisco, California
    Maui, Hawaii

    I hereby recommend that you use a universally and internationally accepted format.
    Yyyy-Mm-dd Hh:Mm:Ss or something similar like this
    2021-04-30 01:42 HST — HST is Hawaii Standard Time which never changes

    Are you having fun yet? Not even a giggle? Sorry.

    Mahalo, (Hawai’ian for thanks) and Aloha (Hawa’ian for Love)


  2. Hi Jeffery,

    Thank you for your suggestion I’ll pass along the suggested changes to the date format. Up until any change has been made it will be safe to assume our times are all PST for these notices.

  3. Hi Dominique,

    You appear to not be part of any outage. we’ll need to speak with you over the telephone and get this looked into. Please give us a ring at (707)547-3400 and we will get this looked at.

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