Berkeley – Fiber Intrusive Maintenance

Update 9/14/22 1:55AM: Tonight’s maintenance is successfully completed.

Wednesday (9/14/22), starting at 1:00AM, a subset of customers in the Berkeley area will experience a brief service interruption while we perform some maintenance. The expected down time is about 30 minutes while the equipment upgrades. The maintenance window will be 2 hours.

– Network Engineering

4 comments for “Berkeley – Fiber Intrusive Maintenance

  1. Where can I sign up for advance notice of these planned service outages? I work late hours, and it feels like I’m constantly being interrupted mid project (for hours each time). I don’t remember this being a problem in previous years, but service is now cut off with no warning several times a month. Then I pull up this website (now my phones most suggested site), only to discover Sonic planned the outage. Can you please add me to the relevant email list?

  2. We deeply apologize for the service interruption at your location. Whenever it’s a planned outage, we’ll post a “heads up” at If it’s unplanned or a breakage of our infrastructure due to a vehicle collision or something of that nature, we unfortunately can’t act on that as quickly. Our planned maintenance does occur after midnight to lessen the impact most folks going down. We are sorry this affects you during your late shift. Remember to check out if your service is out to determine if it’s planned maintenance or not in the future. When in doubt, call our support team so we can work to resolve it quickly if it’s only your circuit down. Take care.

  3. It’s strange that your solution is for customers to have to visit every day to know about a planned outage, when Sonic could easily send an email to potentially affected customers while simultaneously posting here. It could be opt in, if you don’t want people to know how frequently Sonic interrupts service. What other arguments could you have against email notification? Isnt this an unnecessary inconvenience?

  4. Hello! We do send out emails to all of our customers that are affected by any outages. Thank you for your feedback! Best Wishes!

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