Albany/Berkeley – Fiber Intrusive Maintenance

Update(3:14 AM) We have restored everyone that we could identify.  If you are experiencing a service outage, please reboot your equipment as this usually restores complications after maintenance.  If issues persist please call tech support.

Update(9/16 1:22 AM) We were able to restore most people, still working on the restoration of other customers.

Update(9/16 12:48 AM) During maintenance one of the pieces of equipment serving customers went unreachable.  We are dispatching someone to assist with troubleshooting.  We will update when we have more info.  ETA is roughly 70 mins for someone to get on site.

Thursday (9/15/22), starting at 11:59 PM, a subset of residential and business customers in the Albany and Berkeley areas will experience a brief service interruption while we perform some maintenance. The expected downtime is about 30 minutes while the equipment upgrades. The maintenance window will be 4 hours.

– Network Engineering

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