Petaluma – Enterprise Fiber Maintenance

Update 1:30AM: This maintenance is now complete.

Tonight (10/19/22) at 11:59PM we will be performing maintenance on network hardware serving a subset of enterprise fiber customers in Petaluma.  All impacted customers should have received prior direct contact alerting them to this work.  Expected customer downtime is 30 minutes and the maintenance window will be until 3AM.

-Network Engineering

2 comments for “Petaluma – Enterprise Fiber Maintenance

  1. Is this effecting my internet in Petaluma? My internet has been down since around 1am last night. It’s 6am now and it is still down.

  2. Hello Danielle, This should not have affected residential customers. I took a look at your account and I see you contacted support for assistance. If the issue occurs again please contact support by calling (707)-547-3400 between 8am and 10pm PST.

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