Northern California Fiber Maintenance

Update 3:47a: We will be engaging our vendor on why our DHCP server failed to perform as expected. If you are having connectivity issues please reboot your ONT and router. If problems persist please contact support.

Update 2:52a: We are still working to get the DHCP server for the Berkeley area up to full capacity. If you are experiencing an outage please reboot your ONT and router.

Update 1:39a: Maintenance is complete in most areas. We are currently investigating a DHCP issue in the Berkeley area which is causing service restoral for that area to take much longer than expected.

Wednesday 1/10 starting at 11:59pm, we will be performing vendor upgrades for equipment serving subsets of our Fiber customers in Northern California. Expected service interruption will be 5-10 minutes while equipment reloads. The maintenance window is until 4am. An update to this MOTD will be provided when the work is completed.

-Network Engineering

8 comments for “Northern California Fiber Maintenance

  1. Is this why my service has been down for 40 mins in Emeryville? Looks like people in Oakland on Twitter are also experiencing outages.

  2. Hello Dylan,

    Yes, this would be why your service was impacted. If you are still experiencing service issues, please contact support by calling (707)-547-3400 between 8 am and 10 pm.

  3. Thank you for working pro-actively to keep customers informed on the status of Sonic network enhancements. This level of customer engagement is rare to see these days!

  4. In Berkeley I was (finally!) seeing DHCPv6 IPv6 allocations this morning, and I thought “our long national nightmare is over” and removed the tunnel setup from my router. Yay Sonic! I love Sonic!

    But now the DHCP V6 advertisements appear to have stopped (there’s no reply to the DHCPv6 solicitations), and I can no longer get an IPv6 address this afternoon.

    Is that expected / known, due to DHCP server problems? Thanks!

  5. Hello Robert,

    IPv6 should still be active. To my knowledge, there was a DHCP issue with the downstream vendor. If you do not get an IPv6 address soon, I recommend emailing, and we can check with our Network Operations team.

  6. Thanks, it started working again in the evening, and now it’s fine. I finally have native IPv6. Yay Sonic!

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