Pacific Bell is still having capacity…

Mon Jan 5 22:08:19 PST 1998 — Pacific Bell is still having capacity problems which are yielding busy signals for our customers. We’ve got 192 lines in one BRI based hunt group, and only the first 100 are usable. What this means is that we’ve got lines, and we’ve got modems, but users are getting a busy signal or reorder tone. We spent $45,000.00 on the equipment which serves these lines plus about $4600 in installation charges. Pacific Bell has been working on the issue since December 2nd. I spoke with the public utilities commission and the FCC today, and Sonic may be entitled to damages in this case in the amount of $230 per day, or about $7000 so far. We’ve informed Bell that we intend to persue this, and we’re hoping that they will escalate the repairs. We haven’t returned very many busy signals in the past few weeks to customers, but this Monday night has been particularly busy. See our lines graph for details:

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