We’re in the final phases of testing a new…

Mon Aug 17 14:56:20 PDT 1998 — We’re in the final phases of testing a new web server before deployment. The new server is faster, better, meaner and cooler, and includes lots of hardware and software upgrades. These include complete replacement of the older NCSA web server with Apache 1.3. Many new features and functions will be available. In order to make this transition as smooth as possible, we would like to ask that all users test their website on this new system as soon as possible. Websites with FrontPage extensions, CGIs, SSIs and other ‘fancy stuff’ are most likely to have trouble. If you don’t want your site to break when we put this online, please let us know ASAP if things don’t work by posting to news:sonic.help.www under a subject which includes ‘New server testing’. To test your site, replace ‘www.sonic.net’ with ‘storm.sonic.net’, eg www.sonic.net/dane/ becomes storm.sonic.net/dane/.

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