We’re doing some testing on our equipment in…

Fri Apr 2 09:54:14 PST 1999 — We’re doing some testing on our equipment in Sebastopol in order to try to isolate problems which some customers are having with disconnections, failure to negotiate or slow speeds. If you are experiencing these problems with our new Sebastopol or old Forestville number, and if the test number below is local for you, please give this number a try and let us know how it performs.

Note that this new number is temporary, and will not hunt, so if it works well for you, give us some feedback and then when the main Sebastopol number is upgraded, change back to that number or you’ll end up with busy signals in the long run.

Sonic.net is not responsible for any telephone toll, so make sure that this number is local before trying it. The temporary test number is 707-824-9930. Please send feedback to pm3test@sonic.net as soon as possible, and if things look good, we’ll work on upgrading the rest of the equipment. -Dane and Steve

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