SOLVED: Packet loss and latency on UUNet.

Sun Aug 20 00:41:57 PDT 2000 — SOLVED: Packet loss and latency on UUNet. (whew!) UUNet now says this was an ATM interface that was having problems. Quote: ‘this is a known issue with Cisco ATM interfaces’. (Oh yeah? Why did it take 20 hours to fix?) Anyway, we now know the magic words to use should it happen again. Additionally, throughout the day, I’ve been writing a packet loss and latency monitoring tool that will automatically notify us of another problem like this. Called ‘See’, the tool keeps a weather eye out for problems with any of our NSP’s — a kind of minimal ‘Internet weather report.’ Please visit for more information. The Cable & Wireless T3 is still down, as we are awaiting resolution of the problems with their network in San Francisco. -Scott

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