Tonight at midnight, we will be doing…

Mon Sep 11 18:33:46 PDT 2000 — Tonight at midnight, we will be doing upgrades on our core router, and on the machine serving additional email boxes,, aka

Mega’s upgrade will include a new operating system, and it will be rebooted to load this OS. Downtime is expected to be around three minutes, during which Internet access will not be available. Local email, news, shell and other services should not be affected.

Tsunami’s upgrades include RAM and a faster network card, and downtime will be around 15 minutes, during which time add-on email boxes will be unavailable. We will also be migrating user data from the local disk over to the redundant Network appliance equipment. During this migration, some email delivery may be delayed for a few minutes. -Dane (for Scott and Kelsey)

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