is now providing additional simple…

Wed Sep 5 12:12:31 PDT 2001 — is now providing additional simple addresses for websites. All basic accounts include the ability to publish your own home page, and now it’s easier to publish the address for your pages.

Where previously we provided customers with an address with the “tilde” format, (non-working sample below):

We now also provide the following options:

You can choose to use and publish any of these addresses when you promote your own website; just replace “username” with your own login name.

Of course, for a business, identity is important, and multihomed “Virtual Server” hosting for your own company domain is a great option. For more information on obtaining your own domain and multihomed hosting, please see the sales page at Note also that we’ll be releasing a new domain name registration tool in the next few days, so if you’re interested in that, wait a little to save some money!

-Kelsey and Dane

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