We have added support for SPOP (aka TLS or…

Mon Mar 18 17:42:18 PST 2002 — We have added support for SPOP (aka TLS or POP3s) to our POP3 servers. SPOP encrypts the connection between your email client and the server with the same kind of encryption used more commonly to secure websites. This enables users to securely connect to our POP servers from insecure networks without fear of their password being transmitted in clear text along the wire. SPOP is supported by the majority of popular email clients. We do not recommend that users who are directly connected to our network use SPOP; The overhead of encrypting the traffic causes unnecessary load on both our servers and your client computer. NOTICE: At this time users requiring POP B4 SMTP authentication to relay mail through our servers from off of our network should not use SPOP and should continue to use POP until further notice. We expect to enable the use of SPOP for relay authentication shortly. -Kelsey and Nathan

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