San Francisco ATM switch failure.

At approximately 10:40 we had a hardware failure on an ATM switch in San Francisco. We are presently rebooting it. Approximate downtime should be 5-7 minutes. -Sonic NOC

Update 11:10AM: The ATM switch reload is complete and traffic appears to be returning to normal. If you continue to have DSL sync-no-surf connectivity issues, please contact our tech support.

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  1. Would this, or the resolution, have caused any DHCP issues, or any other issues, for customers in the Sacramento area?

  2. Mike,

    Yes, we did see some customers affected longer than the five minutes or so the switch was down, due to DHCP and lease issues. A reboot of the DSL modem and router or PC would clear the problem.


  3. Would this problem affected my dsl connection? I’ve re-booted router, modem, sonicwall, computer and had att tech to test the lines…from the outside to inside my garage as well as checking the wires inside the phone jacks and I still have no DSL connection…Advised to downgrade from 3bmps to 1.5 to accommodate what ATT recommended…I am still waiting to have the DSL connection….My line has been down since Sunday March 7, replaced with new modem and went down again on March 9th until now…Pleas help!

  4. Allison, if your modem is indicating that it has no sync (the only reason we would want to try bumping down your speed for troubleshooting), then this outage would have had no bearing on your connection problem. Sync indicates that you are connected to the DSLAM at your local CO or RT, as opposed to being handled properly by our ATM switch. Please get back in touch with our support folks; we need to get you online.

  5. Thanks Dane. I had a client who’s VoIP PBX seemed to lose IP. A reboot resolved it at the time. I was just curious if it was related to this issue, versus an issue with the box, since the timing coincided.

  6. Mike,

    If your client’s connection was served by this ATM switch (many of our customers are), this outage would have resulted in retaining sync but losing IP.

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