Network Instability

At 12:55pm today it was brought to our attention customers on our network were experiencing intermittent reachability to parts of the internet.  We determined the source of this to be a routing issue with one of our upstream providers. At approximately 1:08 we routed traffic away from the affected upstream, thus mitigating the issue.

The upstream provider has since fixed their routing issue, but we are performing further tests on the link before returning network traffic back to it.

-Matt and Jared

Edit: Fixed incorrectly stated times in the above message. -Matt

3 comments for “Network Instability

  1. Yes, this is what was happening to me around the same time as well. I didn’t want to go through the hassle of the common troubleshooting on the phone, so I waited to see what would happen. Thank you for fixing it.

  2. Still issues reaching large parts of the Internet in Napa, CA from our business LAN. Some providers can access our firewall IP, others can’t (for remote users VPNing in). Some providers can give remote users access to internal Exchange server, others can’t. Internal users are having issues resolving names to IP addresses. Can get to all websites via IP just fine, though. This is at 2:40 PM PDT.

  3. Yes, we say several hickups in our paging system that monitors stuff in our co-lo (at Sonic – whom ROCKS) and at some remote sites.
    A remote server that we have had no issues. We had issues later on as well – at about 2:15Pm (PDT)and again at about 2:45PM – 3:00pm ish.
    Kudos to the Network team at Sonic for being on this!

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