Legacy DSL Maintenance

This Thursday, April 5th, starting at 11pm, we will be performing a variety of maintenance operations on equipment servicing legacy DSL customers in northern California. We will be avoiding downtime as much as possible but customers may experience a loss of connectivity for up to 15 minutes during this maintenance window.

– Robbie, Tomoc and Jared

Update:  All work has been completed. A small subset of customers would have experienced 5-10 minutes of downtime during parts of the work.

3 comments for “Legacy DSL Maintenance

  1. “Legacy” DSL is the older AT&T line-shared ADSL1 product, with speeds of 768kbps, 1.5Mbps, 3.0Mbps and 6.0Mbps, delivered over an AT&T retail voice line.

  2. I have AT&T and have for years. We were one of the first DSL users in this area. My bill have been creeping up in price over the last 10 years, with frustration, slow downs, and we have had AT&T out 3 times to check on problems. Needless to say we are done DONE with DSL. We check with Sonic today and we are going to deep-six AT&T. We were informed to wait to install Sonic’s equipment before telling AT&T goodbye. I have no idea if they want their model back or not, it’s probably antiquated now.

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