Legacy DSL Outage

Update (11:20 PM): This circuit is now back online and fully functional.

Update: We are still working with our provider to resolve the issue. We have escalated to a very high level and continue to push for resolution as soon as possible.

Today, at 10:30AM, an aggregation circuit serving Legacy DSL for the Chico area went down. We are presently working with our upstream provider to isolate the cause and resolve the issue as quickly as possible. We will provide further updates shortly.

-Robbie and Tim


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  1. ADSL is down in Orland, of course. Getting by on Edge cellular :-p. Good luck. I love Sonic no matter what!

  2. AT&T is the parasite I can’t get rid of… Yeah, I’d never blame Sonic for AT&T’s mischief or carelessness. And certainly not if someone sliced open the fiber with a backhoe!

  3. As hard as it may be to believe in this infernally screwed up economy, there is a bit of new construction going on in the Chico area – along 32 near Bruce Road, and the new courthouse construction at Bruce and 20th St.

    I’m not sure if that could be the location of any fiber cut, but fiber cuts are usually *not* the phone company – but *are* the result of careless heavy equipment operation at construction sites.

    Rule 32: If it isn’t the phone company then it’s a construction job issue.


  4. At approximately 11PM Friday Feb 21 DSL service to the NetK2NE machine cluster just outside of Chico CA was restored.

    Speeds appear normal as viewed from Auburn CA, and all machines are up.

    So…. it appears that the “Legacy DSL Outage” is over.

    THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL SONIC ANNOUNCEMENT. I do not work for, or represent in any way, Sonic.Net. They remain one of the finest service providers I’ve encountered in my roughly thirty years doing this sort of thing.

    These Sonic folk are to be commended.

    They know what they’re doing; they’re patient; they’re professional.

    And they get the job done.

    My thanks!!

    Vince Quaresima, CEO (retired)
    “Serving the OnLine Community since 1983!”4

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