Fusion/FlexLink Intrusive Maintenance

Update (1:20AM): This maintenance is now complete.

This evening, beginning at 11:59PM, we will be performing intrusive maintenance on equipment serving Fusion and FlexLink customers in San Rafael, Sausalito, Mill Valley, and Ignacio. Expected downtime is less than 15 minutes. A small portion of customers may need to reboot their DSL modems after these code upgrades take place.

– Robbie

4 comments for “Fusion/FlexLink Intrusive Maintenance

  1. By any chance, did this maintenance begin over an hour early?

    It would be nice if affected customers were notified by e-mail and/or phone call prior to known downtime.


  2. Gerry,

    This maintenance did not start until about a half hour after midnight. Any connection troubles prior to that time would not have been related to this operation.

    Due to the short amount of downtime and the hour that we perform this type of operation we prefer to keep notification for this type of maintenance to the MOTD email list.

  3. Thanks for the reply. Luckily, my service came back up, but only after about a 25-minute outage and two modem reboots.

    Unfortunately, “the hour that [we] perform this type of operation” happens to be the hour at which I’m most active online. Lucky me. 🙂

    And pardon me for being a Sonic.net newbie, but what is the MOTD e-mail list? Perhaps this is something for me to be on, if I wish to be notified in advance via e-mail?

    Thanks again.

    p.s. — Ideally, on this comment form here, the Submit button should be located *after* the Captcha code and everything. It’s way too easy to not see that you have to enter it… until it’s too late! Cheers.

  4. Gerry, you can sign up to receive the MOTD updates via email by logging into member tools and selecting “Account -> Sonic.net System Messages” from the left hand menu.

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