Non-Intrusive Bay Area Network Maintenance

Update: 6/18/2014 1:45AM – This maintenance is now complete. Users may have noticed slight (sub 5%) packet loss for brief instances during this migration, but things should be back to normal now.

Tomorrow night (6/17/2014) beginning at 11:59PM PDT, we will be migrating traffic to newly upgraded portions of our Bay Area network. This covers all Fusion and Flexlink customers in the Bay area. No customer impact is expected during this maintenance.

-Tim J.

4 comments for “Non-Intrusive Bay Area Network Maintenance

  1. No impact? My Fusion and PHONE lines went down at 12:13am. I couldn’t even dial 911 for 20 minutes. I was not impressed at all. Please don’t play with POTS reliability. You need to be extremely careful.

  2. Jeremy,

    You were likely involved in last night’s/early this morning’s intrusive maintenance in a certain part of San Francisco. The maintenance notification that you have commented on is set for tonight/tomorrow morning (6/17-6/18) and should not interrupt your service.

    We apologize for the confusion in the status updates and your downtime, but it is a necessary operation to occasionally upgrade the code on the equipment that provides your services to ensure improved reliability overall while squashing any outstanding bugs.

  3. Our Internet services has been down since about mid night today. I just emailed your support email. Thank You.

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