Emergency Mail Cluster Maintenance

At Midnight, tonight, we’re going to replace the motherboard in one of the clustered NFS mail store appliances with an on-site spare.  Unfortunately, due to the failures observed, the cluster partner is currently unable to take over duties and so this will be a service impacting event.  While we are replacing the motherboard POP, IMAP and Webmail services will be unavailable.  Outbound email will not be affected, all inbound mail will be queued for delivery.  Total downtime should between one to two hours.

-Kelsey, William and Joe.

Update:  Mon May 16 01:50:21 PDT 2016, the motherboard has been replaced and all systems appear to be operating normally.

2 comments for “Emergency Mail Cluster Maintenance

  1. FYI – I can log into webmail, but the messages will not load – not working in IE 11, Firefox, Chrome or my phone. Not sure if this is related, or not…

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