San Francisco Fusion Fiber Outage

Today, starting at 12:08am, equipment serving a subset of Fusion Fiber customers in the San Francisco area appears to have suffered a hardware failure. We are working to replace the equipment and restore service as quickly as possible.

Update(2:40am): ETR 2 hours

Update(4:59am): Affected equipment has been replaced and we believe service has been restored to all affected customers


7 comments for “San Francisco Fusion Fiber Outage

  1. Shiet, there needs to be a better way to notify. Calling support is not helpful, because all I get is “we’re closed”.

  2. Hi Sean, if your internet is still down I urge you to reach out to Support to troubleshoot. Support can be reached via phone at 888.766.4233, via SMS at 707.800.4624 and via email at

  3. Internet still down in outer Richmond as well. I called last night and they said that Tuesday is the soonest they can fix it.

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