Phone System Outage

Update 3:20 pm: Everything should be back to normal. We have reverted the earlier changes, restored hardware and configurations, and testing seems to show that phones are working as expected. Thank you again for your patience with us during the extended support outage. We are taking steps to greatly reduce the duration of such an outage in case of a future hardware failure.

Update 1:09 pm: Hardware just arrived but we have mitigated the problem to some extent and currently have limited phone capacity on our primary numbers 707-522-1000 sales and 707-547-3400 support. The Network Operations hotline is also functional at this time. If your issue does not require phone support we still advise using email and SMS for the time being.

Reminder: Despite the outage, you can still reach Sonic support via text (707) 800-4624 and email at We apologize for the inconvenience and continue to work as quickly as possible to resolve the issue.

-Sonic Support


–Update 9:03 am: ETA to full recovery is approximately 4 hours

–Update: We believe this was caused by a hardware failure and have dispatched a technician to retrieve a replacement.

We are currently experiencing an outage of our local phone system and we cannot be reached by telephone. We are working with our vendor to get this resolved as quickly as possible but in the meantime if you are in need of support please email or send us an SMS text message at 707-800-4624 We have all hands watching those queues. Thank you for your patience.


Sonic IT Department

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