High Latency to DNS Servers

Update: We believe the original problem has been identified and resolved. All Sonic DNS servers are now back in operation and services appear to be functioning normally.


Update: The problem was isolated to a specific portion of the DNS infrastructure, which has been temporarily excluded from Sonic’s DNS system while we continue to investigate the problem. DNS services should be functioning correctly at this time.


Sonic Network Operations is currently investigating very high latency impacting access to Sonic DNS infrastructure. This issue is resulting in various problems with access to Internet resources.

Updates will be provided as new information becomes available.

5 comments for “High Latency to DNS Servers

  1. Our credit card machine has been connecting only intermittently today (94115 in San Francisco). Is this what’s going on? We’re ;having a really hard time trying to debug our system, but if it’s not on our end, it would be good to know.

  2. Sporadic outages in SF Richmond district this afternoon/early evening; sometimes internet lost completely, sometimes green internet connection but DNS not resolving at all. as of 5:30 pm. 9/30

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