Sunset District San Francisco – Fusion Fiber Maintenance

Tonight (2/19/19) at 11:59PM we will performing intrusive maintenance on a subset of Fusion Fiber customers located in San Francisco’s Sunset District. Approximate expected customer downtime is 60 minutes or less. An update to this MOTD will be provided when all customer connectivity has been restored.

-Network Engineering

Update: Maintenance completed as of 4:15AM.

10 comments for “Sunset District San Francisco – Fusion Fiber Maintenance

  1. It would have been nice if those of us likely to be affected by the work were notified in advance of this work. After all you have my phone numbers and email addresses. Instead, having scheduled an important work conversation for tonight, I had to experience the insanity of troubleshooting a problem that didn’t exist, set up a mobile hot spot to get to this website, and only find out then that I could prepared and scheduled it for another time HAD I KNOWN the internet would likely be down at this time

  2. We are still seeing an outage that may be related to this maintenance. We are near 38th and Moraga in the outer sunset. The internet went down from 12:33am to 1:30am. But, it then went down again at 3:20am and has been down since then. I am seeing 100% packet loss for all services, the fibre LED is not lit, and when you look at the fibre itself you can tell it is not receiving a laser signal. I’m wondering if our upstream node is still offline. Support is not open yet. So I’m hoping you will see this here.


  3. Yeah, it’ll only take an hour. That’s what you had written. It took over four hours. Advance notice would have been greatly appreciated. More than a few hours that is. Also, if you did something to make sure the notice you send catches our attention–maybe even incentivize us to confirm we received–that would be great too.

  4. Hey Nick, I’m sorry the maintenance had caused issues with your connection. We got an update from our network team around 4:40 this morning about an issue with the maintenance which required some more work. They were reporting that all users should be back up. Can you try power cycling their equipment and if it’s still not functioning please let us know.

  5. Hi Drew,

    We try to let people know as soon as we can if outages go beyond the initial timeline. I’m sorry that we let you down this time. Our most up to date information for outages can be found by following @sonic_status on twitter.

  6. I should not have to go to a 3rd party website to get the latest info about your service outage. Sonic states clearly on this site that it is the location to find the most up-to-date service outage info. It’s like asking an ATT customer to contact Verizon about an ATT outage. Twitter is not Sonic. I came to Sonic and Sonic should always have the most up to date info about its services. Not Twitter, or Facebook, or any other provider. Think about it: IF i’m having difficulty with my internet don’t you think requiring searching for the info at 3rd party websites is going to make it even more costly in time and effort for me.

  7. Hi Drew,

    We post updates to our @sonic_status twitter because it does push those updates to people who follow it. You can also opt into the mailing list for motd notifications to be emailed with updates from here. You can opt into the mailing list via Be aware that you would get all notifications that are posted if you opt into that mailing list. We are working to improve our maintenance notification and if you have additional suggestions I would recommend posting them to our forums at Thank you for the feedback.

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