Brief outage in San Francisco 05-20-2020

Correction: This impacted a subset of DSL customers. If you continue to experience any issues, please powercycle your modem, and call our support team as necessary. We apologize for any confusion.

This morning, 05-20-2020, we experienced a brief outage on our fiber network starting at 8am that was repaired at 8:30am. If you are experiencing a loss of connection on your fiber line please try power cycling your ONT and if issues still persist please reach out to our support team at 855-394-0100.

6 comments for “Brief outage in San Francisco 05-20-2020

  1. I had a brief outage at about 00:15 on 5/20. I reset my modem, to no effect. Service returned about 115 minutes later, and when I woke up this morning about 8:45 I had no problems. I’ve been using sonic for several years, and I don’t recall any other time when this happened… so, not complaining, just letting you know. I’m at 165 Duboce in SF.

    I love you guys, thanks!

  2. Net was working this AM until 9am. I tried power cycle at 930 and again at 10, no improvement. Please advise.
    Residential Fiber, Noe Valley, SF

  3. Hello! Did you power cycle the ONT and the router? If not please do so for both. Also give our Support Team a call if you need further help!

  4. Hello Tom! Good to hear that the service is back up. Give our Support Team a call if you have any other problems!

  5. Been on hold on the phone for 40 mins about this, but I live in SF in the Mission and we have been without internet now for the past 2 hours. We’ve power cycled our router twice to no avail.

  6. Hello!

    I am not seeing any service wide outages anymore. I am sorry for the long wait time. If you message us on Twitter or Facebook we can try to help you out a little faster.

    Best Wishes!

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