Cloverdale – Fusion DSL & Telephone Outage

8:57 PM – Update: Device rebooted and service has been restored. Logs have been collected for investigation.

8:50 PM – UPDATE: Technician arrived on site at 8:38 PM and is troubleshooting the issue.


Today (11/11/2020) at 8:09 PM a gateway router serving Cloverdale went unreachable. We are investigating the issue and have a technician en route.

ETA for technician arriving on site is ~ 1 hour. Updates to follow.

2 comments for “Cloverdale – Fusion DSL & Telephone Outage

  1. We live in Cloverdale and have your services. We have had it since you started. Lately, we are very unhappy! We read these notices and when calling we get to hear the message. You just sent us a new modem last week and we returned the other we had. We have had constant problems since receiving the new modem. It is worse than it was before, which was bad. We are unable to use our internet quite sporadically, are constantly rebooting the modem, to have it work for a short while. According to this article, problems are solved. As for us, it is not! It shows that we have service, but we can’t download or upload anything. When trying to call you for help, we can’t get through.. This truly has been frustrating. Sonic use to be a great wireless service that we would share with others to get. At this point, we aren’t recommending it to others.

  2. Hello Scott,

    I’m sorry you are having trouble with the service. I have ran some tests on your line and can see that there are no errors but the line is provisioned quite high and is running into the noise that is inherent on there. this will cause periodic interruptions for sure. I have optimized the line so this should stop going forward. Another thing to note is that the line shows upload saturation which is causing a heavy load on the overall line and this can definitely impact your speed and reliability as well. The usual culprits for this are backup programs ie: Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, Carbonite, iCloud etc. When a backup is in progress, this will absolutely tank your connection causing it to be much slower/intermittent than it should be. This is especially true if what you are backing up are large files or many files and the service will continue to be slower or intermittent until that backup completes. If you need help identifying what device on your network is causing this please call our support center so we can assist with this. Together we’ll be able to determine what is causing this and resolve this for you. We are open 7 days a week from 8am to 10pm. We hope to hear from you soon.

    Kind Regards,

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