Partial LATA1 Legacy DSL Outage

At approximately 10:33pm tonight one of the devices serving a small subset of DSL connections in the Bay Area went down. Our Network Operations Center responded to the problem, and service was restored by 11:08pm. We’re presently working to isolate the root cause of this failure. -Nathan

2 comments for “Partial LATA1 Legacy DSL Outage

  1. Hi I’m glad these are being posted online, however I have been experiencing sporadic outages for short periods yesterday since Sunday evening, when I called and was informed that it was a problem that was being fixed.
    However, my service was out all night last night from 10:50pm to this morning.
    Hope the root cause can be fixed, since we just switched to less than three weeks ago and the outages have affected a couple of important work obligations (we have had to ask to use a neighbor’s AT&T service).

  2. If you are still having trouble please do not hesitate to contact support (via telephone (650) 472-9617 should be local for you or I see someone spoke to you earlier yesterday and noted the problems as resolved. It is important to us that you have a stable and reliable connection.

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