San Francisco (Sunset District) & Sebastopol – Fusion Fiber Intrusive Maintenance

Beginning tonight at midnight, we will be performing software upgrades on equipment serving a subset of Fusion Fiber customers in the Sunset District of San Francisco. During this maintenance window, we will also be upgrading Sebastopol. Downtime is expected to be less than 15 minutes.

Update(1:49pm): We are expanding our maintenance to include equipment serving customers in the Brentwood area.

Update(5:29am): Maintenance is now complete

-Network Engineering

2 comments for “San Francisco (Sunset District) & Sebastopol – Fusion Fiber Intrusive Maintenance

  1. Our internet has been down for almost 18 hours. Can you fix it?

    Also, for these kinds of disruptions, would be great if you could send out an email notification.

  2. I’m sorry to hear about the connectivity trouble – Support should be able to address that for you and work to restore your service. Support can be reached at 888.766.4233 every day, 8am to 10pm. Or you can set up a callback at

    You can set up MOTD email notifications in Member Tools – just log in and navigate to Account -> System Messages and click the Subscribe button.

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