Customer Care Early Closure

Customer Care – Residential and Business

Due to the effects of the ongoing fires in Santa Rosa and the surrounding areas, we have been doing our best to continue to help our customers both in the area and out with a smaller than normal staff. In order to ensure their safety on the roads, and their ability to secure their homes and families, we have decided to close the call center at 7:00 PM tonight. We will be open again tomorrow, Tuesday, Oct. 10th at 8:00 AM. Thank you for your understanding.

-Sonic Support

NOC – Enterprise Services

NOC is available 24/7 on call. Be aware that we have minimal on-call staffing due to the wildfire. Leave a message if we do not answer and we will call you back as soon as possible.

-Sonic NOC


UPDATE: 2017-10-10

As the fire situation continues to develop, we have decided to keep the call center closed for the day. Thank you for your understanding.

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