Service Outage in the Sacramento Area

2/14/2020 5:40PM – Sonic customers on our Legacy, Fusion, and Flexlink services in the Sacramento area are currently part of a known outage. Engineers are working to restore service, currently there is no ETA for resolution.

5 comments for “Service Outage in the Sacramento Area

  1. Brentwood is not impacted by this outage, but unfortunately, it is impacted by a separate outage. We’re working to address both issues, and hope to have service restored soon.

  2. Some indication of known issue should be presented whether is hardware locally or fiber cut affecting entire area. I’d also hope there isn’t a single point of failure in your fiber topology.

  3. Hi Scott,

    You’re absolutely right. We’re waiting on more information from our Network engineers, but wanted to provide communication regarding the outage. It appears to be a hardware issue, but we’ll have a better idea of the underlying issue shortly.

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